How to Grow your influence on Social Media and the role of Digital Marketing

Social Media and the role of Digital Marketing and Digital Growth

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I remember in my childhood ,

we woke up and check our house’s main gate to ensure the newspaper delivered or not,

Newspaper is one of the most influential and important things specially for our elders,

but In todays era where everyone is connected with their smartphones, laptops etc.

We woke and check our mobile screen ,

there are some pop-ups or Insta reels, news , our favorite youtuber’s latest video and all , we are now heavily dependent on digital platforms these days, and the question arises that should i also create something on social media for influencing people, for selling something, growing business, side income , we all somehow think that many times as we saw there are lot of people becoming famous day by day, so ” Digital Growth is must :-


So firstly we have choose the platform wisely if you want to grow on social media , we regularly use Facebook, Instagram, YouTube these are the three major platforms we spend our time the most , and we have to research a little bit that how things work , how algorithm works here, how traffic cameto us , which topic we have to choose , audio-camera quality we discuss all in this blog :-

How to make a mark ?

In todays world,

not only a common man or a simple business operator wants to make a mark on social media,

but all these celebrities are already there taking advantage of their already made fame , they are making vlogs, making podcasts , influencing people , selling products directly or indirectly they already have a little advantage over us right or not ? but that’s their freedom to do so we going to learn from them also :-

Choose your right platform for Digital Growth

Choosing the platform according to your field of expertise is the most crucial step here so for example :-


If you want to grow a business you have to make sure that you have a good website and right plannings

and strategies to make sure that people can come to you ,

doesn’t matter if you have a small scale business , or a big firm , or a private company, a real estate office , tour n travel company, you have to work on plans where you can highlight you expertise and reach out to the people digitally . So for a business you have to work on your Website, E-mail marketing, WhatsApp messages are the most crucial

however there is no boundation that you can keep uploading the right stuff on platforms

like YouTube to announce your business projects. Hiring a digital marketing agency which can work on things like google ads, Search engine optimization can be more beneficial for the growth of your business.

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YouTube for Digital Growth

YouTube from the last 10 years are boosting like eruption of volcano , every one wants to be on YouTube , some are creators , some are their audience , some are taking classes , some are making vlogs , YouTube can be the most impactful platform to transform your life, so first we understand what people are doing on YouTube and how

they are becoming a successful youtuber but on the other hand we will discuss how most of them are failing after creating a channel.

Commitment Quality and Consistency

Are you not that creative its okay ! Are you not rich enough to buy I-phones, or Harley Davidson bikes or expensive cars , trust me it really doesn’t matter , there are creators like making food in a kitchen and yet they are growing and earning , so how they are doing this ?If the creator has these abilities like Patience, Commitment and Quality they can grow at any level, doesn’t matter the age of creator, the place of creator but there some basics like provide the audience the right thing, make videos regularly, make sure that audio and video quality is perfect audible and visible wihtout too many interuptions , and the you will see that your content has gaining views , people subscribe to your channel when you show then your passion , creativity , honesty for sure.

Emotional Connect and Digital Growth

So, the connect we need to create amongst them is also very important like if you’re making daily vlogs , uploading videos about household or

even a particular city and your daily ups and downs , people are connecting with you thinking about you what will you upload tomorrow , if you give them that connection and climax , little suspense they will follow you , like Indian serials did to the audience they give them masala, suspense, entertainment and climax . that’s what the audience need.

Instagram for Digital Growth

Instagram is also the hot application which gives people a way to kill their time ,

as a user the most time we spend on instagram reels,

just scrolling them all day and sending to our friends and family , and as a creator doesnt matter if you wanna promote business, your vlogs, your comedy, dance , any

skill , its an one for all app , there are political things here , there are influencers , there are comedians , celebs , food vollgers, advertisement agencies, all are connected to each other via Instagram so we have to use this platform according to our need |-

Influencers in Digital Growth

By maintaining your channel’s category and specialization , or providing information about any topic for e.g. IT, Cinema, Celebs, Watches , Clothing , Fashion, etc. you can grow your insta account and also earn with them , there are partners , co- sponsorship which can sponsor you to promote any business any idea , any item . its upon you that how to involve people in your reels and posts, and then make a influence over them and earn from it.

Digital Marketing

So Websites, YouTube , Instagram , E- Mail marketing or any kind of internet related marketing digital marketing

so whatsoever todays is very crucial for all the creators or to grow business, and,

beauty of digital marketing is that it can work on almost every sector of society ,

a singer need audience, a company needs target ,

a politician need campaigns ,

so by promoting via digital marketing which includes google ads,

meta ads, Seo, by all of these tools by making your content more visible ,

by giving the content more quality ,

more reach you can grow your self in a very good aspect of time ,

so the conclusion is digital marketing the need og the time , you can learn it you can go after agencies to run your business more profitable , we all know there are huge impact of social media and we all are seeing it in upcoming future so making more and more organic audience to your channels , accounts, websites can give you more leads , generations can be outstanding for the field your work in or as a vlogger, artist, entrepreneur it can be game changing if we can use digital marketing as priority.

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