Top 5 Beer’s Delhiites Loves to drink, Top 5 Beers in Delhi

“Its monsoon and after a long spell of horrendous summer drinkers wants to chill , and what ? Beers are the best choice for party people , so we are suggesting “TOP 5 Beer’s in Delhi” , go on Delhiites :- 5.Thunderbolt Beer From last 5 years there is a instability in beer market in delho, but this brand “THUNDERBOLT” makes its space with a thunder , highly demanded amongst youth due to its crispy flavor and availability in delhi , if you had not tried it we recommend to try this beverage once and gave us a feedback . official website – Thunderbolt – Inbrew 4.Godfather Beer ”THE BEER YOU CAN’T REFUSE” Godfather is a well known brand in North India , hugely adapted by all age groups due to the legacy , taste , branding and the name itself “GODFATHER” , thats why, Godfather beer is highly available as well as hugely demanded by beer lovers it is surely has a place in “Top 5 Beer’s list” , go grab a can or bottle today and gave us a feedback Official Website :- Godfather Beer | Legendary & Super 8 Beer | Strong Beer India 3.Corona Beer Highly famous International brand loved by Delhiites too , due to its quality and the bottling as well as its advertising reach worldwide , corona is loved by people specially the lounge , hotel and club visitors , however Corona beer may difficult to find but still its is a popular brand amongst beer lovers, did you ever tried the beer at a club ? Official Website :- Corona 2.Kingfisher Strong Beer/Tuborg Strong Beer “Kingfisher” and “”Tuborg” are really the king across the country, and due to the brand advertisement, popularity and history and whatsoever this beer is still ruling the market So,These two brands surely deserves a great gossip because last two generations have lots of stories related to these brands makes us these beer at number 2 in our Blog. Official Websites :- United Breweries Limited – Official Website , Tuborg – Tuborg Beer | Explore the world through musical journeys 1.Budwieser Magnum “Budwieser” magnum beer are accepted by buddies all over the world , So again the legacy and the standard maintained by this beer makes the brand more demandable specially in the youth , Magnum version of this beer is a blunt , strong version of great quality malty beer which makes the Beer number 1 in the list , from kashmir to kanyakumari , to footballers to cricketer fans everyone knows about MAGNUM , this is your favorite too ? Give us a feedback on our listing of Top 5 Beers in Delhi Official Website :- Budweiser American-Style Lager | King of Beers since 1876 | Budweiser and for more please visit us here

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