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 Real Estate Investment in Delhi-NCR in 2024 ? Worth or not ?

2024 is running , Do you want invest some money in Property in Delhi-NCR ,

and feeling confused where should you start ? 

Are you afraid of legal things, location, documentation , growth , safety and all such factors ?

 Land rates , hikes or dips , government planning , Schemes and all, Don’t worry this blog will expose all the factors of buying selling

and investing in property in Delhi-NCR so that you can make sure where to invest and what to left ,

the aim of this blog , that if you are in dozens of thoughts about property related issue

it will make your mind relax, by giving you more clarity

so that you can invest your hard-earned money at a perfect location so the you can be ready for a good Real estate investment :-

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The major question is Investing in property worth in 2024 in Delhi-NCR ?

Short answer is YES, but in today’s world there are lot of other things too , and no doubt people are opting those options also like Stock Market, Investment in Gold, Bank schemes etc. Now let’s think why should we choose property over all these ? If you want to go in stock market with no commerce knowledge it will take lot of time or you may lose your hard earned investment in no time, Gold other hand can be a great asset but feeling of securing it always makes the gold investor in stress, In today’s era our generation saw lots of up and downs like “De-monetization” , “Privatization of banks and other entities” make us to think that are investing in some bank schemes reliable ? Now we come to our point why to Invest in “Real estate” ? There are several points for real estate investment :-

* You can choose your amount and location.

*It can be a life-time future proof asset.

*Passive income, Renting gives you a passive income.

*Hikes in rates, so selling sometimes more beneficial.

*No such knowledge required we all staying in a society where we have

already a great idea of properties in our mind.

*Valid documentation, it is fully approved by Government of India.

*Loans are easily available 

choose right property

How to choose property for Real estate investment ?

Choosing is not just i have money , and like the property or society and just go and make a deal NO! . Where should i go for real estate investment , It has some major factors like in your personal life where are you standing ?  what you really want? an investment or just a rental income , or you want to move some where else, are you a tenant wants to buy your first sweet home ? do you want to take a loan ?. So, all these are some major factors you have to keep in your mind so that you make the best decision for your self .

money for real estate

Money in hand

So all the thing here stands on how much money you have to invest and according to the amount of money and interest you can choose your location , In Delhi-NCR you can easily bought a vacant plot under 5 lakhs rupees (for real estate investment) in a remote area , and investing in a plot by looking all the factors like demographics, locality, metro connectivity, or market are it will be highly profitable for you in future as the rates will grow if you choose the location wisely.

location wise real estate

Location For Real Estate Investment

Now, how to choose the best location for your ideal investment , there are many things categorized as a Plot (Commercial or Residential), A residential land (So later on you can build your household there) , A floor (Buying a Floor is in high demand in 2024 in Delhi-NCR), Major part here is what is in your interest , may be you need a place to live so you can accommodate easily to your office or company you work in. So, thats the secret part here there are lot of areas like 

Dwarka, Rohini, Burari popular for investment

Dwarka, Rohini, Burari which if you can research you will find these areas are still quite vacant related to other parts of delhi specially central delhi, so lots of real estate companies and builders are making their projects so that they can sale purchase , Connectivity with metro will boost the prices of that particular area, or slum areas can degrade the qualtiy of your location, so if you want to be future proof you have to alteast a little research so that you will face less problems in the future.

Now some areas where you can invest in Delhi-NCR

delhi-nr properties

Dwarka :-

Why dwarka ?  her is the answer, due to its connectivity with Gurugram , lot of youth wants so settle their so they can easily up and down for their work life, Major companies are providing cab services all over Delhi but still a location near your office or company is always on the top of priority list, Dwarka also have good connectivity metro , surrounded by Janakpuri, Uttam nagar 

Top Options- Floors, Vacant Plots

dwarka, rohini


Rohini could be a great option to invest in property,

all the sectors here are comes under DDA scheme

which gives you planned road and house maps, also it has over 80 sectors to choose , you can choose according to your interest and budget, lots of companies and builders are investing their money, Rohini has also one of the oldest and straightest metro line connects with Kashmere gate ISBT . also rohini has some good market places in some sectors. It is growing day by day , can be good for growth
Top Options- Vacant Plots, Floor, Shops

NCR Region : Gurugram and Noida

Whether its Noida or Gurugram, you can select according to your priority and future planning, Delhi NCR has some good options not just main gurugram where prices should be more than some outskirts of the main cyber area like Gurugram Sector-76 , 78 etc. You can find a fully furnished floor or vacant plots easily there at a good amount , and no body can doubt NCR has some great future according to jobs and planned society, it also has towers , corporate areas, DLF , other hand places like Aya Nagar for renting and living in cheap price should be a great option for the investor, it gives you lot of time when you don’t want to accommodate from mid of Delhi, you’re far away from that hectic traffic , it can save you a lot of time and money also gives a quality future proof life.

Top Options- Flats, Vacant plots, Commercial buildings


So , after reading this blog i am assure that ,

you will get to know why investing in property is still a valid , profitable and future option

i hope this blog, helped you to know how to choose your investment in right area,

with the right amount of money at the right time . I hope you find the valuable information about real estate investment.

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