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Property Related Legal Advices, Commercial & Residential , Documentation , Notary Public


Abacus Legal Associates works in different legal fields such as Corporate, Commercial , Residential property (documents related) disputes and documentation , we as a team want to ensure that each and every client who wants to prepare documents related to every kind of property , under our certified legal lawyers team or wants to sell , take some legal advice about all the commercial & residential property selling, purchasing and documentation  matters,  Abacus  guarantees you to make the right decision , as well as provide all kind of services like preparing legal documents , hassle free transactions , under all the rules and regulation of the Government body of India. We have our firm attorneys to deal you with.

Why choose us ?

Abacus has 20 years of solid experience in the legal field , and over 2,000 satisfied customers who still recommend our name further for Fair solutions , Quality work and , Great management as a team , from A to Z all our members works smartly by maintaining dignity and time management so that the customer’s valuable time never should go in vein , along that we have a very strong legal time categorized themselves and work on different file’s so that work should be done more smoothly.

Our 몭elds –

Corporate , Commercial, Industrial

We works in every field , such as Commercial , Corporate and Industrial , these fields are more crucial than of others , a simple mistake in a document or in selling-purchasing process can be a torture for client and resolving those issue could take years and years , we have the best team to deal in these fields , so that they first try to explain the client the best case scenario and after that work on the demand of the client.


Purchasing , Selling and documenting a residential property can be tricky many times , there are always some other stories or opinion ab out a single property or matter , so we have our best team who do surveys on real-time basis to provide the client best advice , also we work on every residential area in the city so that client can be more care

free after delivering the work on our team , Documenting all thedeeds and preparing all kinds of basic and rare documentation is our speciality.

Our Legal Associates team

We have certified Corporate Lawyers and Documentation experts in our team , who did their best to solve the customer queries and prepare the high quality documents both language and visually wise . The atmosphere for work in firm is highly professional yet our team also works on the ground reality os all kind of matter related to property and legal field in our country.

Different category Different role

We have over 50+ members in our Abacus , which has their own specialized field , like some of them provides you the best advices , some of them know the best laws about related matters , our data operators has the utter ability to work with proficiency , so all Abacus do is to specialized the members so that the work flow and the quality of overall work should remains on top , that’s our priority.

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WhatsApp or Contact – 8787879654 (Mon to Fri 9am to 6pm)

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